Visitor Questions

Visitor Questions

If you can’t find an answer to your question in our list of FAQs below, please email

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If you can’t find an answer to your question in our list of FAQs below, please email

The showground is big, how can we make sure we see everything?

We have re-organised the showground, and brought the Country Area and Kids Zone up to the top of the showground.

It costs a lot for a family; is there any free entertainment for the children at the show?

There are masses of free entertainment for all, with the main ring busy all day, and our country area and kids zone, so don’t worry.  There’s also free music entertainment for the adults, with covered picnic areas, and a fun fairground area for a few treats!

Are there any competitions for the children, you did the Frog Treasure Hunt last year?

Yes, we have competitions in our Home & Garden section for children.  We also have a colouring in competition, which you can download off the website.  Also a Scarecrow and frog treasure hunt will be back once again, bigger and better!

Can we touch the horses and livestock, we noticed they are behind hedges and we weren’t sure if we could go and see them?

Please go and see the horses and livestock showing in the other parts of the showground, if you touch any livestock be sure to thoroughly clean your hands on leaving the area.  There is also animals to pet and hold in the Countryside Area.

I live in Monmouth and don’t want to drive or walk, can I cycle to the show?

Yes certainly, new for this year is a bike park in the showground, so you can secure your bike with your own chain at the bike park and enjoy the show.

Can I pay by credit card at the entrance?

Yes we have credit card machines on each gate for you to pay.

What are the show opening times?

The show opens from 9am – 6pm.

How did I find out what’s happening and where?

We have timetables and information in the show programme you can buy at the entrance or look on the website for absolutely everything we have for families and children.  There is something for everyone all day long!

Can I get something to eat and drink?

Yes we have lots of catering areas, with something for everyone, pizzas, gluten free, burgers, wraps, vegan free and lots more.  Or alternatively if you are with a show member, you can purchase a show member’s guest badge and enjoy the Members Enclosure facilities at the main ring.

Where are the toilets and baby changing facilities?

They are sited all around the showground.

Can I hire a mobility scooter?

Yes if you contact Event Mobility, and pre-book before the show or on the day.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes certainly on a non-retractable lead.  Please don’t leave your dog unattended in your vehicle at any time.

I hate queuing to get in the show to buy tickets how can I avoid this?

Firstly you can buy your discounted tickets online up until midnight, Thursday 5th July, which means you can fast track the queues.  For people buying tickets on the day, we have more contactless card machines and have invested in state of the art broadband connection.

Do you have park & ride, and is it free?

Yes we do have one park and ride field this year, it starts at 8am and finishes at 6pm. Running at regular intervals on a non-stop loop at 3 minute intervals (traffic dependant).

Is there any point coming after 3pm?

Yes there is something going on around the show until 6pm and in the main ring until 8pm.

What happened to the Inter Hunt Relay last year?

It’s back with four teams battling it out over jumps to win the relay in a faster time

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