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Monmouth Show is home to one of the largest Open Dog Shows in Wales.

We offer visitors the opportunity to see around 70 pedigree breeds, judged against the official Kennel Club standards – a blueprint for the characteristics for each breed and covers every aspect of the dog – including health and temperament – by highly qualified judges in their field.

Meet the knowlegeable owners and find out about the care requirements of each breed – maybe you are thinking of buying a puppy? See if this will help make the best choice for your lifestyle – or just learn more about your own pet.

Watch exhibits being professionally handled and gain an insight into grooming and presentation for the ring.

Come and see your favourite breed or maybe even one you had never considered and who may become a favourite from now on.

See if you can choose a winner from the ringside, give your support and applause to the beautiful dogs exhibited at this wonderful show in the most picturesque of settings.

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