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Hunters In Hand

Watch the magnificent horses led in hand without a rider, being judged on their confirmation, movement and temparement.

Arabs In Hand

The Arabian horses will float across the arena, in a beautiful bridle and led by their handler, with their tail high and their glossy manes waving in the air.

Scurry Racing

Is a fast-paced equestrian sport in which a pair of ponies pull a carriage around a course of cones in an attempt to get the fastest time. The aim is to achieve the fastest time in getting around the track, without knocking any balls off the top of the cones that mark the course. For every ball that is knocked off, a time penalty in incurred. It is almost always done at a gallop. A course contains between 10 and 14 obstacles, such as a box and a slalom. Accuracy is key. The ponies have great names such as Tom & Jerry, Bonny & Clyde, Judge & Jury. The championship final is the one they want to win!

Interhunt Relay

These adrenalin-fuelled team events usually involve two teams of four members on horseback going head-to-head against the clock over a mirror image course. The winner of each heat then gets to go forward into the next round of these knock-out competitions. Accuracy is the key as well as speed because knockdowns usually incur time penalties — meaning the first across the line isn’t necessarily the winner.

Parade of Monmouthshire Hounds

The Monmouthshire Hunt is always a favourite with the crowds to watch one of the most spectacular sights on the showground. Hunt staff bring in their hounds into the main ring for the characteristically country parade of hounds. Come and stroke the hounds and horses when the commentator tells you.

Grand Parade

Enjoy the spectacular display of the country’s best livestock, this is a wonderful experience for all Monmouthshire Show visitors. The Grand Parade is hugely popular and the main ringside fills up quickly in the afternoon. These prize winning cattle, sheep, goats and horses can be seen to gracefully wind their way across the Main Ring headed-up by the champions of the classes the breeds they are leading. If you don’t know Charollais from your Belgian Blues then this is a very rare opportunity to see so many different breeds at one time.


At the end of the day in the main ring, you can watch showjumping. What is showjumping you may ask? Well it is a competition when horses have to jump over coloured fences, within an allotted time and to avoid collecting any penalties for a knock down. The winner is the rider and horse combination who completes the course with the least penalties in the fastest time.