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All Free to take part in!

We have some fantastic free entertainment for all the family at this year’s Monmouth Show including…

Woolaston Bassets

Basset hounds, which are scent hounds, are known for being slow and methodical movers. This enables the hunt staff and their followers — who are on foot rather than on horseback — to keep in contact with the hounds and watch them work. Traditionally, basset hounds were bred to hunt rabbits and hare and their sense of smell for tracking is second only to that of the bloodhound. They are usually bi-coloured or tri-coloured, and easily identifiable by their short legs. Following the implementation of the Hunting Act 2004, basset hound packs operate within the confines of the law by following the trail of an artificial scent or by one of the other means of exempt hunting.

Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

In the Wye Valley visitors and residents are able to enjoy the area. Delight in the variety of flora and fauna. Discover a landscape of infinite beauty; enjoy fresh air and the challenge. Ride on tractors/trailers for young children A free and fun time can be had in the tractor pit, enclosed by straw bales, young children can have a great time driving ride on tractors with trailers and pretend they are farmers.

Mike’s Donkeys

Do you want to see the most gorgeous donkeys? Take a ride on one? For the younger children, donkey rides are available at a small charge throughout the day. Mike’s Donkeys are healthy, happy donkeys and cherished members of Mike’s family and have brought happiness to thousands of people.

Roaming Reptiles

The name says it all – reptiles! Visit the free roaming reptile marquee and touch snakes, lizards and bugs. Learn how to handle them correctly by the professionals and get your photo taken with a snake around your neck if you dare!

Meirion Owen & The Quack Pack

Meirion Owen’s Quack Pack provides hilariously entertaining duck herding demonstrations. Our Quack Pack team of border collies and comical Indian Runner ducks provide entertaining, educational and interactive displays.


Forest beekeepers

– Duncan Roberts
– Willow baskets
– Adam Beetlestone wood carver
– Dog agility
– Extreme Mountain Bike
– Wye Valley Falconry
– Ride on Tractors

And much more!